Private WAN Ethernet

Enjoy a stable, efficient and secure private network for businesses with higher efficiency and productivity

A high capacity network that ensures the real-time transmission of business-critical applications

Our Private WAN Ethernet offers layer-2, point-to-point or point-to-multi-point Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) connectivity, allowing you to easily configure network connections among your regional offices to a single hub site (e.g., your headquarters). You can also maintain network routing and topology control in-house to ensure greater flexibility and security.

Highlights of Private WAN Ethernet

Low Latency

Consistent Quality of Service (QoS)

High-Speed Service

Flexible for your own network infrastructure management

Key Features

DYXnet Private WAN Ethernet supports ultra high-end carrier-grade connectivity either using EVPL or VPLS services, a cost saving network solution with much faster provisioning time and superior quality. It smoothly integrates with existing LAN networks which allows in-house IT staff to seamlessly link your customer’s locations together. Our layer 2, point-to-point or point-to-multipoint (Virtual Private LAN Services, VPLS) connections, allowing an effortless way to connect the regional office network to a single central site (such as corporate headquarters) while maintaining the Internal Network Route Control, ensuring greater flexibility and security. 

Delivered over DYXnet’s private VPLS infrastructure, every Private WAN Ethernet connection enjoys high levels of resilience and bandwidth. This state-of-the-art network is built on new-generation facilities that provide strong fault-tolerance capabilities. If a network failure occurs, Private network Ethernet instantly and automatically re-routes all traffic with minimal service disruption. It likewise maintains consistent performance with high availability and fast transfer rates.

Private WAN Ethernet is a layer-2 Ethernet connection that enables you to configure your network with non-Internet Protocol (IP) routing protocol. Moreover, your VLAN is fully transparent in DYXnet’s infrastructure and all data over the VLAN is transported in absolute privacy.

Private WAN Ethernet is scalable up to giga Ethernet. Not only can you incrementally scale bandwidth to meet your growing network requirements, you are also free to define VLAN and allocate bandwidth for different sites, thus developing a tailor-made topology according to your operational needs.

Offered with a premier service level and defined Service Level Agreement (SLA), Private WAN Ethernet always delivers guaranteed Quality of Service in terms of capacity, speed and availability. In addition, DYXnet’s Network Operation Centre (NOC) is operated in accordance with industry best-practices, and its multilingual service desk features nonstop, 24×7 operations.

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