ICT Consultation

Improve your network, collaboration and information sharing from your infrastructure to the tools you use

Professional consultancy services to improve your network and collaboration

As the Greater China’s leading carrier-neutral network service provider, we have more than 20 years of reliable experience, with the use of international best practices, our team can tailor the best network and ICT solutions for you.

Network and IT strategy services

• Keep your business always ON and reduce down time from network design, implementation and management
• Built the IT plan to support business goals and growth
• Plan for IT expenditures and budgets according to business needs
• Ensure seamless connectivity of your servers, desktops and laptops
• Comprehensive data centre and colocation service for the management of your business data

Cloud and multi-cloud solutions

• Cloud assessment, setup and enablement
• All-rounded cloud backup solutions
• Different cloud solutions on different cloud platforms

Business Continuity Services

• Data Center- support key business operations around the clock. Reduce downtime and delays
• Disaster recovery – maintain your business operations even when contingencies take place
• Video Conferencing-One-stop cloud video conferencing platform to support remote office for better working efficiency.
• Cybersecurity- Work with the best experts for the solutions that suit you most

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