Corporate Social Responsibility

At DYXnet, we understand that our responsibilities go beyond our business. Our role in the community, and our commitment to being a responsible leader is a critical part of our business strategy and of our future.

We take a serious attitude and strive to contribute to society and the environment.
This commitment is not just a management objective but also requires countless components working seamlessly together at all times with our employees.

For the Community

We believe in the proverb, “From Society, For Society”. To contribute for the betterment of our society, we support a diverse range of community initiatives.

For the Environment

It is always our mission to promote environmentally friendly business practices with green ideas and consider the impacts of operations on the environment.

For the People

Human capital is one of the most important assets of an enterprise. We aim to create a caring working environment and promote work-family balance.

We place great importance on upholding a sustainable environmental management and corporate social responsibility, and our efforts have been recognized by many organizations.

Our Recognitions

Looking to create positive societal impact?

Get in touch with us to explore and work together to bring positive impact