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When banks and financial institutions have shifted from analogue to online, a whole new host of threats have appeared which requires them to have stringent security measures to ward off any type of attack whether external or internal.
Free from cyberattacks by using DYXnet’s powerful network and cybersecurity-solutions.

Industry Issues

Internal & external cyberattacks

Need for stringent security measures

Strong application performance for staff and customers

Demanding work for in-house IT support

How DYXnet can Help?

Security – that’s all. From network routing, management to standard

By leveraging our MPLS network and network security products, a secure tunnel is created from one branch to another, by using a virtual private network instead of the public internet where hackers might extract essential information being circulated around. MPLS is also not vulnerable to distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) as it is used through a VPN instead of on the public internet. Certain ISO standards are also met so as to ensure that information security is properly managed.

Flexible IT infrastructure for backup and disaster recovery

Our Cloud Dedicated Hosting (CDH) aims to ensure a more flexible and effective IT infrastructure. With a variety of categories including cloud backup, IaaS and cloud storage available, our tailored CDH services can best optimize your operational efficiency and help recover destroyed data in the worst-case scenario. Through DYXnet’s Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery services, these will be made possible.

Alleviate strain on in-house data centres

For retail banks to work optimally, they need to be free from the threat of cyberattacks. DYXnet’s Unified Threat Management (UTM) service which includes Firewall, Anti-virus, Anti-spam and Intrusion Prevention can help alleviate the strain on in-house data centres by keeping your company’s network secure from external attacks. Using DYXnet’s UTM service instead of managing your own allows your company's IT department focus on other professional duties instead of managing incoming cyberattacks.

Professional Consultancy

We help our clients solving complex network and IT issues in respect of design, delivery and support including but not limited to:
- IT systems upgrade
- Cloud service integration
- Data centre management

Why DYXnet?

  • Full Internet capabilities
  • Customizable & Scalable Services
  • 7 x 24 Customer Services Support
  • Strong Customers and case reference

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